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Strengthen your English and confidence, so you can attract and build trust with your colleagues and clients.

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8 weeks


Samuel Endigeri
Lead Educator


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Excellent English is essential in organisations that communicate internationally. Improved communication skills make work teams more effective, and allow employees to achieve their potential.

To help meet the demand for higher level English in the workplace, SAS Academy offers general and business English, communication skills training, and trainer training, as well as benchmarking and evaluation of English skills.

Our expertise and global track record in English language teaching allow our training teams to equip your staff with the language to communicate confidently in a professional context.


SAS Academy’s Corporate English Program

Executive English provides business English training to international managers and executives of all levels who compete in today’s global market and need the global currency – English. Through client-centered, interactive training, participants learn to communicate and lead effectively in English. We tailor each program to your firm and industry’s specific needs and to your English level, position, and available time.

In addition, the SAS program includes:

    • Powerful Presentations: Success in today’s corporate world means knowing how to give clear, confident and convincing presentations.  In our hands-on programs, you’ll learn how to best develop your talk based on your audience’s needs and their cultural norms.
    • Meetings and Discussions: Clients often come to us frustrated that their English lacks the strength to influence and impact discussions at meetings and convince colleagues of their business plans and vision.
    • Effective Business Writing:  In our digital world, business – from the initial contact to closing the deal – is often handled online. How much time do you waste each day translating from your native language to answer or send important emails in English?
    • Winning Negotiations: Whether you are negotiating a new job or finalizing a corporate merger, negotiations run all through business, and Executive English takes you through all phases of negotiating.
    • Communicating Across Cultures In discussions, negotiations and even enjoying drinks in the pub, navigating across cultural differences must be on your business radar screen.
    • English Language Review: Yes, of course, we do review English grammar basics for our clients: common verb tenses, prepositions, modals (could, should, have to), conditional “if”, and active and passive voice.

Strengthen your English and confidence, so you can attract and build trust with your colleagues and clients.



We continuously research each course to provide you the best


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Our commitment is to see you achieve more than your goals


Innovative Teaching is what makes SAS stand apart

SAS Academy

SAS Academy strives to give the best to it’s students and has thus formulated an Advanced Pedagogy that defines totally new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for all of it’s courses. You also get the best lecturers from the industry to help you achieve your goals.


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